Vintage Images:
We have a fun challenge for our readers this month, courtesy of Sherre. She has provided us with a set of 3 cabinet cards. The challenge for you is to create an altered cabinet card, using one or all three of the images provided. You can send me your creation(s) and we will publish them in our July Zine! I would like to further challenge you all, by suggesting you use a "Patriotic" theme. I love the
4th of July and it will also allow us to honor our servicemen and women who are fighting today and tomorrow for the freedoms we are enjoying today. You can use whatever software you have access to, you can use whatever materials or supplies you have on hand and you may use whatever media you are comfortable with, i.e. fabric, collage, paper, paint, digital, etc. The only thing I ask is that you do not use nudity. (I'm not a prude, but we have a wide audience and we do not want to offend anyone.) You can send me your creations, along with your name and blog address, which will also be published in our next zine. To send me your creations, click the contact us button in the sidebar. Please send me your artwork as an e-mail attachment. Deadline for me to receive your artwork is June 15th. Thanks and have fun!

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