Here are a few freebie images from Cynthia and Sherre to use for your own Valentine creations. Enjoy!



by Sherre Hulbert

SUPPLIES: Bristol Board; Xyron or glue stick; old magazines; brayer; heavy white gesso; bristle brush; inkpads in colors of choice (I used Ancient Page in Cardinal, Primrose and Bordeaux); Krylon Gold Leaf Pen; vintage lace; vintage buttons; ribbon of choice for weaving and bows; thin wire for bows; narrow ribbon to attach buttons to hearts; Japanese screw punch; Sizzix or other die cutting machine; heart-shaped cookie cutter; scissors

HEARTS: Create using Sherre's Magazine Scrunchy Technique-

Begin with a sturdy foundation like Bristol Board. Run through Xyron machine using permanent adhesive cartridge. Or, completely cover foundation with a good quality glue stick. Tear out magazine images (I used Romantic Homes Valentine

issues). Crumple magazine pages and apply to sticky side of foundation making sure to keep wrinkles and some small folds in the paper. Use a brayer to ensure good contact with the adhesive. You can glue down folded bits with the glue stick. Let dry if using glue stick. Next, using the bristle brush, dip into a heavy gesso and dry brush over the paper surface. You don't need to completely mask the images. Let dry. Rub ink pads over the surface picking up color on the wrinkles and folds. You can use one or more colors. Cut out heart shapes with a die cut machine and/or trace around a cookie cutter and cut out with scissors. (I used both methods). Run a gold leaf pen around the hearts' edges.

Punch two small holes into each heart near the top center using a Japanese screw punch or an awl.

Weave ribbon through vintage lace.

Arrange hearts onto lace spacing them evenly.

Cut narrow ribbon and thread through lace, heart and a vintage button; tie ribbon into a knot.

Make two bows for either end using wire to hold together.


Celita lives in Italy, but is originally from Pennysylvania. Celita makes beautiful papercuttings (also known as Scherenschnitte). Here is her story in her own words:

I am not an artist in the normal sense of the word, but I appreciate art enough to express myself in its essence. God takes my hands and has recently been showing me how much beauty He can make when combined with His inspiration.

I first tried papercutting in April 2008. I have always loved making collages and using paper, scissors and glue. I googled the art form of Scherenschnitte after finding an artist whose lovely pieces made me want to give papercutting a try. I seemed to find the possibilities of papercuts everywhere: in the movies I watched, on a walk outside, while I did the household chores, etc. I love when my papercuts represent my life, my memories and my family. Then they are personal and done with love. I spend a lot of time making cuts especially for my family's birthdays and for gifts for extended family and friends' special events. I spent the first year practicing cuts of anything and everything. My faith journey, my joy and even some of my sorrows are evident in some of my pieces. My hope is that I can encourage or bless someone else through the words, images and feel of what I can portray through paper.

Foil-Glue Hearts Postcard

Supplies: 4" x 6" foundation (Bristol Board); vintage text; vintage lace (6"); double-stick tape for lace; glitter; ink pads to distress text and edges in color(s) of choice; JonesTONES Foil Glue and Foil Papers (I used a red and a holographic gold); Xyron machine or glue stick.

Here is an easy project to try using foil papers and foil glue. If you are like me, you buy lots of products and then never take the time to try them out! I began with a postcard size (4" x 6") piece of Bristol Board. Bristol Board is heavier than cardstock and my foundation of choice for postcards and ATCs.

Step 1: Attach text to foundation using a Xyron machine or a glue stick.

Step 2: Distress the text with ink pad and ink the card edges.

Step 3: Attach lace using double-stick tape or glue stick.

Step 4: Apply foil glue freehand in a scrolly-heart design and along the edges of lace. Allow to dry thoroughly! If glue isn't thoroughly dry, when you apply the foil, the glue will lift off and the text underneath. Guess how I found that out!

Step 5: Attach foil papers according to the manufacturer's instructions. I used two colors of foil.

Step 6: I thought the cards needed a bit more, so I added some white and some gold glitter to the card, letting it stick where it would.

NOTE: I am not sure how well the glue would travel through the mail without an envelope, so I would put in a glassine or clear envelope before mailing.