Book Review by Sherre Hulbert: Sherre chose a new release by Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn, called: "In This Garden-Explorations in Mixed-Media Visual Narrative" which is published by Quarry Books.

"I knew I would like this book when I saw it advertised. I love gardens, so a garden-themed mixed-media book was right up my alley. There are lovely illustrations by Alice Scott-Morris interspersed throughtout this book. The book is a compilation of several artists and their interpretations of the garden theme."

"Each chapter features a different artist and her book. From "A New Orleans Junkyard Garden" (Sarah Fishburn), to the "Four Rusted Hearts" garden (Susie LaFond), you will find fun ideas and unique embellishments. This is an eye-candy type of book as opposed to an instructional craft book and I enjoy having books like this around to fuel my imagination before I start a new project. A good addition to your library of eye-candy craft books!"

Bood Review by Cynthia (Cindy) Powell: I chose a new release this month also, entitled: "Ancient-Modern: Polymer Clay & Wire Jewelry" by: Ronna Sarvas Weltman, published by Interweave Press LLC

"There are 15 projects in this book, with step by step instructions for making some truely unique and original clay jewelry. Not being a clay artist myself, I need all the help I can get and I devoured this book from cover to cover. The photos are inspiring and the author very knowledgable in her craft, but also in designing jewelry as art to wear. Most of the clay pieces are on the larger scale which is very trendy at the moment, but of course you can create your own interpretation of these projects in smaller scale to fit your own style."

"From cover to cover this book has valuable information, great tips and fabulous projects, like the string bead used to make "Serendipity's Sister Necklace" along with some wonderful wire-working techniques. This book was a big hit for me and I would encourage both experienced and non-experienced clay artists to add this book to their library."

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