"Fabric Rag Garland" Click the photo to enlarge it to see the little bats! They are the next fabric project after the garland-so keep reading!
This month, with the start of the holiday season, for some of us, I decided to do something different. Instead of a featured guest interview, I made some custom decorations last year and decided to share them with you this year. This fabric rag garland is fun to make and the fabric stuffed bats quick & easy. (OK, maybe not quick, but easy!)
You will need to gather up the following supplies to make the rag garland: 5-7 fabric fat quarters which measure 18” x 22” and are available at your local Joann’s. Look for colors in dark rich purples, greens, bright yellows, oranges and of course black. They can be solid colors or prints, but by adding a few Halloween prints you will have some texture and added interest.
(You may want to have extra fabric on hand in case you want your garland longer. Joann’s will not cut fat quarters for you, but your local quilt shop probably will. Or you can pair up with a friend and buy ½ yard cuts and share.)
NOTE: (If you want to make this garland for your Christmas tree, you will need 4-5 times the supplies as it takes about 90+ feet to drape a 6ft. Christmas tree).
I used a medium-thick, inexpensive jute as the base to tie these fabric strips to, by wrapping it on the backs of my dining room chairs for support. It is easier if you stand up while adding the strips to the jute, but if you want to try doing this while you sit and watch your favorite Horror Show-give it a whirl.
First you will need a variety of fabric strips and a bag to put them in. Tear all of your fabric into 1” x 6 1/2” strips and throw them into the bag. When you have all the strips in the bag, mix them all up, as you will be pulling these strips out of the bag, blind-folded.
(OK, so, maybe not blind-folded, but I don’t want you to look! By adding the strips in a random, unplanned method, you can create some terrific finished garland for any holiday!)
Here comes the easy part-drape the jute over the back of your two chairs, wrapping it around the chair to gently secure it. (Use the jute right from the ball, do not cut it to length at this time-since you will make this to the length you need.)
You can tie these fabric strips onto the jute in a simple square knot, or… you can fold them in half, over the jute and use a crochet hook to pull the ends through the loop the folded fabric makes. I didn’t measure the garland I made. I just kept going until I ran out of fabric strips or did I tear more strips? Sorry but I was also making a “fabric wrapped, piping satchel” for Halloween at the time. (“Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts-Vol. I). Anyway, I suggest you have some extra fabric on hand just in case! My garland is perhaps 12-15 ft.: which provided a wonderful full drape. (I attached the garland to my mantle with large office bull-nosed clips. No coffin nails or staples were used.) Have fun! Cindy
P.S. You can also add some wooden beads at random intervals. I used the large macramé’ beads and left them their original color. Sting on a bag or two full of beads that you want to use before you start adding the fabric strips.

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